Derek and Wayne Tanswell by Trish Mata 2007

My father was an artist throughout his life and influenced me greatly. His encouragement led me to continue developing my skills and I remain grateful to him.

I first learned to sign write in 1980 after leaving school. My work has taken me all over the United Kingdom, including Scotland, the Isle of Wight, Wales, East Anglia where I live, and London mainly commissioned for traditional signwriting for pubs, hotels and holiday venues.

In 1994 I was sponspored by a brush company to make a signwriting tuition video which was available in the Home Counties Libraries, including Suffolk. Developments are to follow this up with an updated DVD version. I have also published two books and a set of prints.

I was also commissioned by Two Rivers Films based in Dean Street, Soho, London, to signwrite the prop for Chris Rea, in his 'Go Your Own Way' video and have had further experience in the film and television industries. I work as a sole trader, and am commissioned for work solely on my own offering traditional signwriting as a one to one service.



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